Once the campaign is successfully completed, I will send you a survey to collect the character acrylics you want and the other details like freebies details and shipping address.

If a design you’d like is still locked, please consider to pledge early to help unlock the new designs! Since you won’t be charged immediately, you can edit/delete your pledge anytime until the campaign ends.

If you are an Early Bird and you’d like to add new character acrylics to your pledge, please use the add-ons feature for either one, four, eight, 16, or 20 more unlockable characters. They are a little more than the price per piece in an early bird 1 or 2 set pledge.

At this moment, no. The freebies (assuming they are unlocked) will have to be shipped via letter envelope with handwritten addresses which may be too much for me to handle on top of the other tiers.

Yes! But only genshin merch I’ve already produced. You can find these in the add-on section of your pledge to add them to your order to be shipped with your standee.

No. You will be charged only if the project concludes with successful funding. Also, you can edit/delete your pledge at any moment until the campaign is active.

After the Kickstarter rewards have been sent out to the backers, future customers can buy the leftovers on my online store. However, the Kickstarter-exclusive price and benefits won’t be available anymore and I can’t guarantee their presence if finished during the Kickstarter campaign.

Yes! That is my plan, but I highly recommend that you buy them now because the price will go up after the campaign.

I really really hope so. I will be doing everything in my power to have these available for anyc, but with the world situation, I cannot guarantee it.

I’m going to try to make this work yes! As for shipping, I ask that you for now pay for it for now. I will have a question on the survey asking if you’ll be at anyc, so that when you stop by my table, I can hand you your order. By that point, I will manually reimburse you for shipping in person.

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