Products that have PREORDER in their title name are new items that we currently do not have in stock. This is useful for pricier items that are ordered based on interest received and will arrive and ship at a later date. 

Backorder is a term used by our store system to classify items that are out of stock but are still allowing orders. They work similarly to preorder items, however, these are products that have been made before and thus have a shorter turnaround time.

All orders that contain any of the following items come with automatic tracking: charms, enamel pins, large stickers, medium prints, large prints, books, oddly shaped items.

Smaller items that can fit into a flat letter-sized envelope do not come with tracking: small stickers, mini prints.

Domestic orders typically take between 1 to 7 business days to arrive after shipment.

International orders typically take 2-7 weeks to arrive after shipment.

If your order still hasn’t arrived well after the estimated time periods given above, please reach out to us via our contact form or email us directly.

Yes! If you want to add/upgrade the items in your order, please contact us via the request form or email us directly. If your new order exceeds how much you paid originally, we will send you an invoice with the difference that must be paid within 24 hours.

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