Mascots & OCs

Learn about some of the characters featured in some of my original merch.


A rambunctious little shit who would eat trash off the ground if you let her. Several hundred years old but acts like a 5 year old. Says she lives with her friend Yu, but actually just shows up unannounced and eats all of his leftovers.

Whether it be food, trash, animals, or even human beings, K can barely tell the difference. Yet consuming flesh and blood gives her a strange feeling of comfort, so when the opportunity presents itself...well, nothing beats eating your favorite guilty pleasures.


Smol guy with big floof. He used to work at a bakery before being fired for eating more things than he made. He opened his own little bakery to enjoy all the pastries he could ever desire.


*Eats something poisonous, gets poisoned* "Well, well, well. If it isn't the consequences of my own actions."

A Bat OC, because, ya'know. "BAT-souppe"


A quiet demon with a huge appetite for sweets. Likes to be babied by others.


A very "yippeeee" vibes gal who loves to roller skate and have a good time. Keeps two nails short, if ya know what I mean.

**Name is still being workshopped

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